Just a Quick Update

I’m starting to get inquiries. My apologies to those looking for information on book 3, The Queen of Deceit. Rest assured it is still coming but not, I fear, in time for Christmas. Family matters have just occupied too much of my time and, apparently, I’m not one of those writers for whom writing fiction is therapeutic.

After a long hiatus, however, I am back at work on it. Lot’s of twisty details even I have to refresh myself on (well, we are talking about the Queen of Deceit here), but I’m feeling good about what is going on the pages. After busting two self-imposed deadlines, I am leery of setting a third, but please know you can sign up for my mailing list here and I will let you know when we are closer, and when it is actually out. As always, I promise I won’t spam you or share it with anyone else. Also, be sure you never mistake a Fomorii for a Formorian; that would just be silly.

In the meantime, in a feeble attempt to keep you entertained in the interim, here is a tidbit from when I was working on becoming a highly paid comic strip writer. Philo is a super-genius but that does not fit his self-image (he sees himself more as a typical boy) so he alters things a bit and, as a consequence, this makes his reality somewhat unique.


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