The Torc of Tethera

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ToT-Alt-Cover-Cut-400x600pxWhen old enemies kidnap his betrothed, the fair Princess Bloddeuwedd of Gwynedd, it falls on Llew to become the hero everyone in the land already believes him to be, a fearsome royal figure of song and legend who slays monsters, consorts with the Fae, moves at ease through the greatest courts in the land, and shrugs off bandits as others might a swarm of biting midges.

Yet, in the fragmented land of Tethera, nothing is ever quite as it seems. That certainly includes Prince Llew of Gwent.

Despite this, he must face armies and monstrosities, evil schemes, and deadly enchantments, both of his own world and others, all in a desperate quest for the one thing that can ransom his princess’s life, a relic once worn by High King Math himself, the long lost Torc of Tethera.

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