img_20160909_144348People have been patient and I appreciate that. What is the status of The Queen of Deception, or is it The Queen of Deceit? (I think she has me befuddled now.) The book is coming to a close with perhaps only three of four not overly long chapters remaining. Alas, I write fast when I write and tend to leave out words, and my brain seems to like to fill them in for me later, so that I don’t notice their absence. So the editing and proof-reading process will take a bit, and will be over only when I think it should be. I know I rushed The Forged Prince and didn’t do anyone any favors.

Fighting my way through fixing its errors since then has been something like pushing through all these ferns, weeds, and mud in the hills of Wales–although perhaps not as sweaty but much less scenic.

When I encountered a slow down during one of the mass battle scenes towards the end of the third and, as yet, unpublished book, I found myself returning to read parts of the first. Whereupon I started catching errors, as well as things I thought could have been done better, grammar and punctuation improvements, and so on. It’s the curse of having become what I hope is a much better writer since I published it.

Then I found myself unhappy with the overall pacing and structure of the book. Suffice it to say, the presentation has changed drastically. I intend to ask Amazon to make the new version available as an optional update for previous purchasers, (new purchasers get the new version) but I’ve also  learned this is something Amazon is extremely loath to do. Still and all, I am publishing it, chapter by chapter, on Wattpadd and by the time it finished, or even slightly before, my hope is that the third and penultimate book in this series will be available.