Best Young Adult Celtic Fantasy Adventure e-books.

dscn1914Well this was an extremely pleasant surprise. I was surfing the web the other day and came across this splendid post on a fellow writer’s blog.

Best Young Adult Celtic Fantasy Adventure ebooks

It’s hard to get validation or even constructive criticism these days (what a lot of people call reviews) and here I found some, unlooked for, and on my birthday no less! Also got my first Amazon review for The Queen of Deceit, all the way from Great Britain, five stars! I do wonder why Amazon shows American reviews on Great Britain’s site, but does not reciprocate by showing reviews from Great Britain here?

Anyhow, with such obvious good taste going for her, ahem, I intend to take at look at some of her works as soon as I finish the two or three books I am currently in the middle of reading. Check her out at

2 thoughts on “Best Young Adult Celtic Fantasy Adventure e-books.

  1. I really appreciate the support, Susan, and yes, absolutely. The story should conclude in book 4, The Gates of Annwyn. You know it’s not over until Lleu and Arawen settle their differences (and probably not with a handshake) and I really want someone to get to say: “Release the kraken!”

    It’s going to take me a bit, however. I just sent off my submission to the XPrize competition at and I’m also starting to do some work on a science fiction stand-alone novel that I’ve been dying to get to for a couple of years now.


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