The Forged Prince for Free this Weekend

My canny marketing director finally convinced my pinch-penny Scotsman soul that, with The Torc of Tethera now published, it was time to use the maximum time for the free promotion that Amazon allows me (5 days) and make The Forged Prince available without cost (3/10/2016 to 3/14/2016) . Response has been amazing, especially considering I didn’t plan any way to notify people of it in advance. As of this morning I’ve actually given away more copies (Arggh, the pain! My precious!) than I have sold. Correspondingly, in the two categories that Amazon allows me (Epic Fantasy and Historical Fantasy) The Forged Prince is now sitting at number 13 and number 2, respectively, in Amazon’s Top 100 List for Free Books. And I have four more days to go? Heck, I suddenly find I’m competitive enough that if I’m not getting paid I want number 1 in both!

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