The Torc of Tethera

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Book Two of the Chronicles of TetheraSix hundred years past, High Queen Boudicca united the three great peoples of the south and fought the Roman Empire to a standstill, forcing Nero’s retreat from the land once called Brython by some and Prydein by others.  Thus was the Kingdom of Tethera founded.

Now Tethera lies in ruins a century old.  The only future seen clearly is a single howling wilderness in a land both barren and dead, an unmarked grave for the dreams of Man, with all the great castles fallen.

The fragmented lesser kingdoms, all that remain of what once was, are failing, unable to prosper on their own. The wilderness grows, the barbarians press, the warlords feud, the Fae grows ever bolder, and even the very waves of the sea become hostile.

The greatest fear is Annwyn.  The Land of the Dead creeps forth upon the world,  a dreadful blight growing larger and stronger with each passing year, its only intent to crush all and end everything.

Even so, evil may oppose evil and a rival plays her own game.  The Queen of Deceit is forging a special weapon, intended to sunder prophecy itself, and one which even the Lord of Annwyn may find reason to fear.

There is no time left for caution, yet any weapon can turn in its maker’s grasp and strike in an unexpected direction—most especially a weapon with a mind of its own.

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