The Covers of Tethera

Here are the first three covers for The Chronicles of Tethera. I keep dithering over them. I was going for a sort of 1960’s retro look. I also like the silhouettes because I like to think it gives the readers carte blanche to fill in the character’s actual appearances. Plus, I knew what I wanted and a fair price for all of these as paintings would be . . . moderately imprudent. Can’t do it with purchased pictures either, as the armor has to be quite specific as it is 6th to 8th century, extremely high end (and perhaps a tad of an atavism), heavy chain with some small plate pieces, with a full bucket helm mounted with small antlers, and a large viking-like round shield with Dipylon style cutouts.

The backgrounds are all derived from pictures I took while visiting Wales.

Book Covers