Short on Vowels

Most people who think about it at all think the Welsh have too few vowels in their words.  Actually, if anything, the reverse is more likely to be true as they have seven!  Worse, it’s not just the short and the long sounds either, W is a vowel and is pronounced ‘oo’ but in several different ways, while Y actually has four pronunciations.  Thank goodness there is no place in Tethera named Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll- llantysiliogogogoch!

Indeterminate States

Wondering whether your book is being appreciated when you aren’t even sure it is being read is probably silly.

It’s kind of like asking if that tree falling in the forest, with no observer present, makes a noise.

That tree falling in the forest is like Schrodinger’s Cat, in an indeterminate state that includes both fallen and not fallen. And you ask about a noise?