Tip of the Iceberg?

iceberg5-200x300pxFound an iceberg graphic I made once. The surface water and the sky were taken from two separate photos I took in Florida in the summer time. I’m using it here because The Torc of Tethera got its first Amazon review yesterday and I am, ahem, hoping this is just the tip of the iceberg. Among many other nice things, perhaps the most heart-warming to a new author is, “Really enjoyed this book, read it on unlimited and liked it enough to also purchase it as I think I’ll be reading it again.” They also went on to say that it was better than the first in the series (which isn’t doing badly at all). I thought this was significant because, while I was (and am) happy with what readers have to say of The Forged Prince, as soon as I finished The Torc of Tethera I felt it was a better book and this was the same feedback I got from my alpha and beta readers. Really puts the pressure on me for The Queen of Deception!

2 thoughts on “Tip of the Iceberg?

  1. I really enjoyed it, too. I left you a review on Amazon but it is not showing yet. I hope you sell a lot. Do you know when the next one might come out? Thanks!


  2. Barring the unforeseen, of course, my best estimate right now would be that The Queen of Deception should be ready come mid-Fall of 2016, give or take two or three months. The concluding volume, tentatively designated: “The Gates of Annwyn” would then be expected in mid to late Spring, 2017. Both books are outlined so should speed things along. It’s a story I want to tell and that helps, too.


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